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Sky Fusion

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 What are your hours?

Mon - Sat 8:30 am -5:30 pm; Closed SUN & Public Holidays

How to order?

Call us or send a text with your name, email address and what you would like to order. We will call you back to confirm availability and thereafter you will receive an invoice on email. Once you pay, a receipt will be sent via the same method and this counts as your confirmation.  Weekly Meals must be confirmed by Saturday, 5 pm.

We are a delivery only service so orders cannot be picked up. Mode of delivery is as follows: 

  • Cakes & Cupcake orders - will be sent to you via Uber/Taxify (client pays driver directly as cost is variable depending on timing and distance)
  • All others - via rider/courier service , 300-400/- depending on location. This fee will be added to your invoice.

Payments: (Orders are ONLY confirmed upon full payment):

Lipa Na Mpesa > Buy Goods or Services > Till No 754098 >Enter PIN + Send Payment (Sky Fusion Services)

Why do I have to order in advance?

All our food is made from scratch and on pre-order.  Also to be able to deliver a high quality product, we need to pre-order some of the ingredients from our vendors. Additionally, we only take a set number of orders per day so if you don’t call in advance you may be disappointed when we can’t take your order. *See the bulk bake days on the Menu Tab*

Can you mix and match different flavors on one order?

No. We are a cottage business so we only bake to order. You must order the minimum muffins/cupcakes etc per flavour.

Are you 100% VEGAN?

Yes. We do not use animal products or by-products (milk, butter, eggs, gelatin, honey etc.) in any of our products nor do we come into contact with them in our facility.

Can I customise my orders?

No, for consistency our recipes are highly tested and we can rely on them.  However, on the product list, there are items indicated with variations/substitutions – we can on those and will charge a customisation fee. 

Do you make gluten-free baked goods?

No. Some of our savoury items qualify as gluten-free but we are not a gluten-free kitchen so use caution if you are sensitive to gluten. However, if you are wheat-free we can accommodate your request!

Do you use food colouring or additives?

No, we do not use any toxic dyes in our food.  On occasion we may use plant-derived colours, which are lighter in hue. Our products are designed to be consumed fresh so we do not add any additives or preservatives.

Are you a catering company?

No. We are a food delivery/production company, which means we cook the food at our premises and deliver it to your location.

Where is the nutrition information?

We do not provide nutrition information but we can provide an ingredient/allergen list.


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Please note we do not take same day orders. Order EARLY to avoid disappointment!