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Fresh and tasty eats using quality ingredients! 100% Vegan!

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0714402830 (SMS or Call - NO whatsapps)

Orders close by 12:00 pm for next day *if slots are available* Order early!

* Custom Meal Orders (30 pax max) must be ordered, confirmed and paid at least 1 week in advance.

*Delivery Charges via rider 300-450/- within Nairobi environs.  All others per distance.

Finally, the rains are here!

It's finally started raining and those of us in the food business are really happy that the drought has come to an end.  The last few months have been crazy for the farmers and those of us who rely on small organic farms.  It has been a season of receiving less and less produce in our weekly delivery baskets and I can only imagine how dry and scarce the farms must have looked at one point! But, fret not for the rain gods have looked upon us with favour and we seem to be getting steady rain the first time in a long time. Personally I can't wait until the vegetable baskets start overfilling with earth's bounty so we can cook for you to our hearts' content. If you know a farmer, give them a hug today!

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