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Fresh and tasty eats using quality ingredients! 100% Vegan!

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Chit Chat and February is almost over?!

It's been a while since we posted here! But fret not, we have been cooking up a storm!  The last half of the year in my opinion is usually the busiest...and in the culinary industry we definitely look forward to the holidays because everyone is planning or going to a party so we are cooking and baking the entire season.  It's hard work, but someone's gotta do it! Then, in January we take our rest while everyone else has to go back to work! 

In this new year, our focus is to sharpen our skills, bring you more of what you are asking for and as always - try and find healthier ways of making our baked products.  Or incorporate more anti-oxidants, more superfoods and reduce the overall sugar in some of our sweeter recipes.  Sugar is an integral part in the science of baking so it cannot simply be omitted but we play with the ratios of how much we can reduce in a certain recipe and still maintain the essence of our products. 

We always get the question "how can you be vegetarian and still enjoy sweet baked goods?"  I didn't know those two were mutually exclusive.  We love what we love.  We eat high quality organic wholesome food and we enjoy our sweets.  Honestly, it's the perfect life.  A lot of people ask whether we use reduced fat items, fat free, this and that free and no, we don't.  Here's the thing - we subscribe to the "everything in moderation" lifestyle so if we are going to have a slice of cake, then it better be the best, high quality slice of cake we are going to eat! So that's what we make for our customers.  Some of these "reduced ___" items are adding tons of other crap in there so we just think it's best to go with the original.  With that being said, we do find value in using "reduced sodium" soy sauce for our East Asian-inspired recipes.  Again, it's all about looking at the ingredients in what you are buying and relying less and less on packaged items.  If you can get something from a small-batch vendor, who is transparent about all the ingredients, it's definitely worth paying more for! That's a great way to support the local economy by buying locally and consciously made products.  So, look in your cupboards and clean out products that have 11 ingredients that you cannot pronounce... 


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