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About us!

Fresh and tasty eats using quality ingredients! 100% Vegan!

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0714402830 (SMS or Call - NO whatsapps)

Orders close by 12:00 pm for next day *if slots are available* Order early!

* Custom Meal Orders (30 pax max) must be ordered, confirmed and paid at least 1 week in advance.

*Delivery Charges via rider 300-450/- within Nairobi environs.  All others per distance.

Cake Flair

A lot of our customers find us via social media or see our cakes at a function and the most asked question is "can I get that exact cake?" We say "yes" but take that very loosely.  While baking is a science, decorating is not.  So what that means is our cakes will always taste the same and we do strive for that consistency each and every day.  But for decorating, we like to play just a little. So even if the gist of the cake is the same, you may notice that we try to do something just a little different on each person's cake, whether you notice it or not!

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