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Sky Fusion

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About us!

Fresh and tasty eats using quality ingredients! 100% Vegan!

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0714402830 (SMS or Call - NO whatsapps)

Orders close by 12:00 pm for next day *if slots are available* Order early!

* Custom Meal Orders (30 pax max) must be ordered, confirmed and paid at least 1 week in advance.

*Delivery Charges via rider 300-450/- within Nairobi environs.  All others per distance.

Our story!

We are Nairobi's first ALL VEGAN BAKERY & COOKERY, a home-based artisanal business which believes in made-from-scratch, quality and fun vegan food.  That means we make everything fresh, in-house, small batch and to order. We use natural herbs and whole spices, which we grind ourselves for maximum flavor. Our food does not contain additional preservatives/additives and is designed to be eaten fresh. We believe in sourcing ingredients from local businesses and buy organic, fair trade high quality ingredients as much as possible. What we cannot get locally, we import from small ethical companies, with similar values.  

Our name, "Sky Fusion" ties into our food philosophy which is simply: using fresh ingredients to recreate foods found along our travels under the great blue sky. Our approach to food is Fresh and Simple but lick-the-spoon good! Our food is unpretentious, wholesome and tasty! 

Who's creative hands are behind the food at Sky Fusion?

Janette is the founder of Sky Fusion, which she dreamt up while working in the corporate sphere.  While she thoroughly enjoyed her corporate office job, she dreamt of recreating foods she ate in off the wall cafes and bistros.  Not classically trained in culinary arts, she read cook books, watched cooking shows and relentlessly researched all things food.  Along the way, she discovered an innate need to live a more natural life, and became vegetarian.  After years of being pure vegetarian (but still cooking animal products for others),  the realisation that she was still contributing to the suffering of animals, led her to take one more step forward...into veganism.  Her hope is to show that you can still have your favourite foods and treats, without harming any sentient creatures.   

For the love of the Animals, Environment, Health and Mother Earth.