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Sky Fusion

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100% Vegan!

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Who we are
We are a small batch artisanal business in Nairobi that prides itself on creating delicious and high quality baked goods.  Veganism is our ethos and all our products are prepared without the use of animal byproducts or derivatives.   We produce 100% vegan cakes, cookies and other pastries using plant-based ingredients.  Our mission is to make plant-based bakery items accessible to everyone, in your favorite cafe or restaurant, whether you are vegan or not.

Our Story

Hey! I'm Janette, self-described "seeker" of all good things. I studied Journalism and Women's Studies then went on to work in various capacities at one of the largest home improvement retailers in the world.  I absolutely loved the corporate world and the company I worked for had a great corporate culture.  Too good that once I moved back home, I couldn't find the same ethos in any of the companies I interviewed with. My favorite past-times have always included food and I always had in the back of my mind that I would do something with it and many ideas dominated my waking hours: run a small neighborhood-driven cafe, food travel writer, host a traveling cooking show or even open a soup kitchen for the homeless!  Well none of that happened and Sky Fusion started from a thought someone put in my head at a party! I'm always the person carrying a homemade dish or dessert to any gathering and that person said, "why don't you turn this hobby into a business?" And so, it begun.

Sky Fusion has cooked many meals for celebrations, assembled hundreds of sandwiches for athletic teams, frosted thousands of cupcakes for weddings, sent our famous muffins up to Mt. Kilimanjaro and brought a little sweetness to your home kitchens!  Now, after 7 years of service we have changed our business model from residential/individual deliveries to commercial enterprise. Therefore, we will no longer take individual orders as we work on scaling up our business for retail outlets. Once we have firmed up the outlets we will be working with in the coming year (2020), we will list them here so you'll know exactly where to purchase your 100% Vegan goodies! We know that we will miss our interaction with individual customers so we will show up at various pop-up events. Follow us on our various social media platforms to stay in touch with us!  Thank you for letting us serve you!